5 Top Tips on Going Green in Your Home


Cheryl Says,

A few top tips to help you get on top of going green in your home

Feeling like you don’t have the time, energy or budget to ‘go green’?

You can take baby steps towards reducing your carbon footprint and it isn’t necessarily expensive or difficult.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your new green lifestyle!

1.   Strategy

Create a realistic strategy that will help the efficiency evolution of your home over a manageable and viable timescale.

If its loft insulation you’re starting with, get a quote and see where it could fit in with your budget. Get informed and plan your green overhaul.

2.   Keeping up with the Jones’s

Going green doesn’t mean keeping up with the neighbours efforts to be a ‘worthy’ citizen but it does mean having to embrace the changes that are certainly coming and adapting your lifestyle to a more sustainable one.

In the long run, it will save you money!

3.   The Energy Saving Trust’s energy Mantra

The Energy Saving Trust have a wonderful mantra!

Insulate, A-rate, then generate!

It’s sound advice. This means looking at insulating the building first, then upgrading your home appliances to energy efficient ones and finally thinking about generating the energy through sustainable methods.

4.  Greener Loft, Greener Home

Look at the fabric of the building first and see how it operates as opposed to just adding some of the gadgets out there.

The main DIY job to be done is topping up your loft insulation. A good standard would be 270mm of mineral wool. Many older homes might have about 150mm.

5.   Monitor Heating

You can also install thermostatic radiator valves so you can have your living room warmer than your kitchen.

In new properties and renovations the heating system can be split into separate zones. This is especially important in larger homes with changing occupancy.

Other measures can be behavioral, such as turning the thermostat down by one degree. You won’t feel the difference in temperature but it makes a difference to your bill.

Get a Report on the ‘Green-ness’ of your Home

Many companies now offer a personalised report on individual homes so that you can see where you are lacking that ‘green’ touch in your house.

It’s an easy way to see where you should start your going green campaign and also which are the smaller jobs to begin with.

You can receive a personalized report for your home by getting in touch with me on david@charlielaing.com

We’d love to hear your suggestions for going green at home.  Please post your ideas here and we will feature them in our newsletters to help others.

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