Recycling saves tax payer dollars!


October 16, 2013.

How you ask? By decreasing the trash disposal rate.  Municipalities pay a fee for every ton of trash disposed in their jurisdiction.

If you reduce how much we each throw in the trash, by recycling, taxpayers effectively save money because the city pays out less.

Its a substantial amount if we can even increase it by 10% as a town. Cutting costs AND helping the environment! A true Win Win.

A lot of things are recyclable – most people are not aware of HOW MUCH actually is.

Take a few minutes to look over what is (even I did this).

Or come to a Green Team Meeting to learn more about this matter. Everyone is welcome and can help work on green projects that provide value to our beautiful beach community.  The next meeting is Thursday, November 14th @ 7pm in the Community Center. 

So, Let the Recycling Begin, Brigantine. Recycle your hearts out. 

We’re starting with Public Works “Putting It Out There” on the Blvd (this is the ACUA’s current recycling promotional campaign)!

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