Tree Giveaway & Dune Restoration Planting


Saturday, April 5th

Residents lined up to get their seedlings

The Tree Seedling Giveaway that took place at Public Works beginning at 10am was a success! Residents began lining up at 9:30 for the seedling giveaway. Brigantine was awarded 100 Lobolly Pines, 100 Bayberry, and 100 Beach Plum seedlings.  All seedlings were given away with the exception of some pine, which members of the Garden Club took and will plant on public grounds.

At 12:30 the community planting as part of the Green Team’s an

d Beach Committee’s dune restoration efforts took place. Alma George from Jalma Farms brought with her 80 Beach Plum plants, some seedlings, and some which her farm was growing for several years but could not plant due to hurricane Sandy.  About 12 volunteers planted the beach plums at 9th street north, Roosevelt blvd, and 4th and 5th street south beaches.

Alma George instructs the volunteers on how to plant. Robert Polillo helps dig

Alma George instructs the volunteers on how to plant. Robert Polillo helps dig

Only about 50% of the beach plum trees will survive.  In the fall (late November) Alma has pledged to donate more beach plum plants to Brigantine and a second planting will take place.  The plan is to continue this dune restoration each Spring and Fall until we have built up the dunes and established the trees.

We cannot thank Alma enough for the donation and in her words, are looking forward to a very fruitful relationship together over the years.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the seedling giveaway and community planting on Saturday!


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